Sardinian Public Service Obligations (PSO)

The “solution” proposed yesterday by the Regione Sardinia and the Ministry of Transport is not a solution, it is a farce.

By extending continuity for Cagliari and Alghero, and not Olbia, it creates a ridiculous imbalance, particularly with respect to the varied pricing structures that will now exist after April 17th.

Air Italy cannot split the Olbia schedule with Alitalia.

Following the awarding of the PSO to Alitalia, there have been meetings with the Ministry and the Regione – and yet all promises made, have resulted in nothing.

Air Italy offered to fly from Olbia to Rome and Olbia to Linate (and vice versa) as we have said on multiple occasions to protect our 500-plus staff and our investment over the past 50 years in serving the island of Sardinia.

This “solution” proposed yesterday contains significant ambiguity and essentially both the Regione and the Ministry have abdicated responsibility for the situation, by simply asking Air Italy and Alitalia to meet and agree on an amicable solution regarding the Olbia frequencies.

This creates a situation of extremely dangerous uncertainty for passengers just a few days before the flights with the new regime. Simultaneously it also puts Air Italy in a situation of unacceptable competitive disadvantage, as Alitalia has already sold many tickets for the summer season, starting sales before the final adjudication and continuing to sell them even after the declaration of March 12, when Air Italy agreed to operate without compensation.

This is not acceptable.

With this “solution”, hundreds of Air Italy staff, thousands of families in Olbia, and tens if not hundreds of thousands of travellers are left completely in the dark with respect to the new PSO which starts in five days.

As a consequence of the above, Air Italy will now have to relinquish the routes to Alitalia.

We will therefore be looking to the Regione Sardinia and the Ministry for support in how to address the subsequent issues that will undoubtedly follow from this.